A new experimental approach to Hyperscript and hooks

HyperHooks is an experiment on React-like functional components. It takes a minimalistic approach by building exclusively on the Hooks API and optimising for the latest Javascript engines.


Sister project HyperSwift provides SwiftUI integration for rendering to native iOS / macOS / iPadOS / watchOS and tvOS apps - similar to React Native

HyperHooks Features

These are some of the tool’s core features:

Quick Start (Web)

require('hyperhooks/hyper.js') // hyperscript and hooks
require('hyperhooks/dom.js') // render to html

// Define our app
let App = () => {
  const [count, setCount] = useState(0)

  return h(Div, undefined,
    `Total bananas: ${count}`,
     h(Button, { onPress: () => { setCount(count + 1) }, label: `Add one 🍌!` }),

// Render our app to the body
render(h(App), document.body)


For more, check out the examples repo.